Here are a few photos taken during some of our road trips.  Click on any of the links shown to open the photo album for the trip.  

The Owner's Rides:  

That's right, we ride.  Been cross country several times, not to mention short rides under three or four days.  We will be posting more of these when we get around to having the pictures scanned.  Meanwhile, check out the ones we have taken since getting a digital camera.

Colorado, June 2000. BC, Sjue and Trint (our son) rode for a couple of weeks all over the state.  Lots of majestic mountain roads and scenic views.  This was Sjue's first ever roadtrip on the motorcycle.  I Think she may have gotten hooked.  

NC to Maine, Sept. 1998. BC, and Trint decided to make this late season tour to see the leaf changes.  Woulda too if the rain had let up just a little.  We both discovered what a 'Nor'easter" is on this trip.  It was still a great couple of weeks.  Remember, the worst day in the saddle is better than the absolute best day at work!!

NC to Glacier Park, MT., The Entire Month, Aug. 2002. BC, Unc and Trint (bc's kid) departed Aug 1 headed all the way to the West Coast, Seattle!  Due to a couple of setbacks (Trint had to stop every hour or so (worst than a woman!!) and Unc fell down a lot (looked like the guy on the tricycle on 'Laugh In')).  Various small maladies with the '80 Shovelhead (an one big one), Roy nearly breakin a foot, and BC's wasting a stator, we only made it to Montana.  Hell, we only had a month!!!  Great riding, the whole way on back roads (the only way to ride), basically good weather, and not having to work made for a really good road trip.  Enjoy the pic's (we didn't take many) posted in the order of the ride.

Customer Rides:

Unfortunately, I don't have any shots of rides taken by some of our customers.  Either they don't ride that far or they don't own a camera!! 


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