Here are a few more pictures taken of the ROOST
  If ya have been here and have some shots ya think ought to be included, send them to us.

Gameroom Front.jpg (69365 bytes)

Deck View1.jpg (92590 bytes) Deck Dnstream View.jpg (67211 bytes)
Plenty of Parking right in front of the Game room. View of the main building and Gameroom from the creek bank.  Plenty of shade and seating. A good view of the camping area looking downstream
cabins.jpg (149305 bytes)cabinrvr.jpg (26901 bytes) Gameroom2.jpg (56247 bytes) RRFallColor.jpg (65073 bytes)
A couple of shots of the upstream cabins, one from the back another from the front A full equipped game room.  This area also has the coffee mess and restroom facilities. Same view as the shot taken above only in the fall.  Great camping during the leaf season.  
rapids.jpg (89024 bytes) riverview.jpg (194849 bytes) Snowing Deck n River Dnstream.jpg (71828 bytes)
Bein' Cool ain't a problem at the ROOST.  Check out this white water This big ole country swimhole is big enough for Olympic events & deep enough to make ya sweat if ya never learned to swim.  Same view looking down the campground.  Better bring WARM gear to see this!!  Dec.1999
level-tentsites.jpg (116738 bytes) bunkhouse.jpg (42601 bytes) Creek n Snow1.jpg (93801 bytes)Swimhole n Snow1.jpg (87038 bytes)
Shady places for tents are no problem at the ROOST. Plenty of trees right along the river's edge.  Camping don't get any better than this!!   The ROOST 'CondoCabin' is perfect for a group of three couples.  It has its own private covered porch.  Conviently located near the bathouse. Just some interesting winter shots of the ROOST grounds.  These are looking upstream at the waterfall and swimhole.

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Shower.jpg (44317 bytes) Rock Art.jpg (96784 bytes)
Not much standing in line mornings at the ROOST.
  A total of eight private terlets!!
We have six spacious showers.  Each has it own nice sized dressing room equipped with a bench and hooks.  Check out the 'Rock Art'!!
Play in the creek and express yer artistic side!!
RR_Aerial.jpg (395132 bytes)RRAireal21.jpg (34568 bytes) By the RockArt 3.jpg (85516 bytes) Cabins n Snow.jpg (100631 bytes)
Here are the ariel shots shown on the home page. Aerial Photos by:
American Images, Marshfield, WI
Good shot of the river looking upstream with our artwork in the foreground Took these winter shots of the upstream cabins.  
No we don't have central (ANY) heat in 'em!  

Sorry four wheelers, check out KOA or RV World.
We may not have been the first, but we are definitely the BEST!!
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