!!EVENTS!!The ROOST sponsors many events each year

The ROOST sponsors several events each year!! The goal for each is to maximize yer fun and not separate ya from ya cash. Every party includes the following:

A kickass  dinner is available. This is a full spread laid out by a local caterer who really knows his bidness. Meat, 2 sides and rolls. Plenty is piled on and very little is ever thrown away, much to the dismay of the local critters! (Although, Skunk, our local wandering mascot usually meanders by and manages to make out!!)

Entertainmen is always in abundance. Friday evenings we have  Karoke and DJ in the game room. Saturday Evenings is a live outdoor concert right in our new covered bandstand . The main parking lot comes alive with writhing biker bods. Some ya don’t even mind lookin’ at!! We never point out the ugly bikers, they know who they are!! You can check out some of our party goers on our Photo page. Just click on any of the Parties Listed.

What’s ALL of this going to set ya back? You will be pleasantly surprised! Like we already said, Unlike other biker oriented events, our goal ain’t to separate ya from ya dough quicker than a cop can get to a doughnut house.

All of these events are priced the same. Ya only pay for the nights ya stayed at our normal RATES plus a measly $6.00 per head cover charge for the Band. The Friday Nite festivities is a freebie. Food is sold at only $6.00 – $8.00 per plate depending on the menu and spread.

NOPE! Ya get what ya pay for at the ROOST. And then some! In fact, if ya don’t have a good time, we’ll give ya yer bread back when we gladly send ya on yer way!!

Try beatin’ that at Myrtle Beach, Daytona, or some overpriced ‘biker rodeo’.  

Yer fun to buck ratio is a lot higher at the ROOST!!

Opening Weekend

Apr 6 & 7

Opening Weekend Kick off another riding season
Mystery Party
Apr 27 & 28
Mystery Party
Anniversary Party
May 25 – 28
Memorial Weekend & celebrating 28 years of Roostin’
Spring Fling
June 15 & 16


Celebrate Spring 2018
(or at least almost the end of it)!!
Always a good party, the river is even warm (yeah! Right!) so the swimming is great!!

Honda Choppers
June 22 & 23
This bunch has been coming to the Roost for their annual meet for 15 years! Come out and see the creative choppers that are always on display. Lots of fun and fellowship.
Independence Day Bash
July 6 & 7
Being the Patriots we are, we always enjoy celebrating the birth of this great nation. Come Par-tay with the Roosters and raise a toast to the good ole US of A!!
Summer Rage
July 20 & 21
RIDER’s ROOST SUMMER RAGE Another one of our original parties!! This is one major PAR-TAY!! ALWAYS a seasonal favorite and we pull out all the stops. The weather is good for riding, sunbathing, swimming, and of course partying!! Bands and other festivities to be announced.
Rolln’ On The River
Aug 10 & 11

This is our annual Charity event. Sponsored by Rider’s Roost Charities, Inc., the purpose of this event is either to raise awareness and money to support our homeless vets or one of own Roosters. Come out and show your support 

Bands and other festivities to be announced.

Labor Day Party & Luau

Aug 31 – Sept 3

RIDER’s ROOST LABOR DAY PAH-TAY Another one of our original parties!! We fill up quickly for this event. Not only is the party intense, but we top it off with a real Hawaiian Style Luau, complete with dirt roasted pig and leis (some may even get laid during the weekend) Bands and other festivities to be announced.
CBA State Party

Sept 14 & 15

We have the  honor of hosting the CBA State Party
Fall Sprawl
Sept 28 & 29
The Riding Season is winding down, so don’t miss this chance at another reason to ride and party.
Halloween Bash
Oct 26 & 27
Annual Halloween Bash This has become a Roost favorite. Costume contest, Best Site, Drunkin Punkin Contest, Music, and just plain ole fun. Ya need to get in on this party! You won’t regret it.


Sorry four wheelers, check out KOA or RV World.
We may not have been the first, but we are definitely the BEST!!
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