Uncle Roy and BC are brothers who grew up in Mississippi.  Their addiction to motorsickles began in their pre-teens, and continues today.  For years they were both mainly commuter and weekend riders.  As fate would have it their first extended motorsickle trip was from Florida to Sturgis and back, in 1983.  From that ride, the die, as they say, was cast.  Over the next 19 years, many road trips followed, both together, and solo, covering countless miles.  Roy's 89 Softail has over 250K miles; BC's '90 Softy is nearing 200K.  Both have owned several other bikes over the years, so you get an idea of how their lifetime mileage might stack up.

Being perpetually on a budget, the boys usually camped out, seeking more affordable lodging.  But not too many years ago, bikers were often unwelcome at traditional camp-grounds.  If you did get in, you were made to feel like the proverbial "turd in th punchbowl".  Worse yet, you had to share your seven square feet of overpriced, muddy dirt with Ultra-Citizens, and their nosey, noisy, spawn.  As for biker camaraderie in theses places?  Well, it was rarer than an honest politician.

It's a given that at day's end, scooter types want to kick back, discuss the ride, talk scooter talk, relax and party with others who share the worship of wind and wheels.  To this end, in 1989, Roy, BC and two other of
their brothers, decided to build a mountain haven EXCLUSIVELY for motorsickle people.

Less than a year later, six acres that had long been abused as a trash dump, overgrown to the point of being a veritable jungle, was transformed. Riders' Roost opened on May 26-1990, offering affordable, clean lodging, and all necessary conveniences, in a setting of extraordinary beauty, surrounded by ridin' terrain a biker dreams of.  A place where you really are treated like kin, because the basic, fundamental, premise of Rider's Roost is that scooter folk truly are one big extended family.  We have no problem with the"us and them" mentality, and we don't apologize for feeling this way.

Thirteen killer years have rolled their way down the alleys of time since the dream became a reality.  I wouldn't even try to tell ya'll how much fun it has been, or a fraction of the good times that have become a
trademark of Riders' Roost, or the long, long, list of righteous friends we have made by virtue of running this place, but you can probably imagine.

You are invited to join that list, and I hope you do.  Check our guest-book comments, you'll see, I'm not makin' this up.

Ride safely....and often...see ya at th' Roost!

Uncle Roy and BC

L-R - BC & Uncle Roy

 Glacier Park Montana, August 2002

We may not have been the first, but we are definitely the BEST!!!
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