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Well as far as being interested in motorcycles goes, Trint never had a chance. From having dirt bikes as a kid, to taking weekend trips with BC, he was destined to ride. Trint was at the roost from the beginning. From when BC bought the land, to when he donated it to the Roost cause. From seeing
the place look like a landfill, to the groomed biker paradise you see today. As a 15 year old punk kid he designed the first roost business card on Richard's antique apple computer (a primitive version of the oval design still on the back of some roost shirts today). He also coined one of the all time favorite Roost shirt slogans "I got juiced at the roost". Trint took his first cross country road trip in 1994 with BC and Uncle Roy. He rode the old shovelhead and had to listen to Uncle Roy's daily bullshit about how it was "gonna leave us stranded". That shovelhead never quit. Someone's bike did strand them however, that would be Uncle Roy's. Trint learned very some valuable riding safety tips from BC, like when you are on the bike you are invisible, and don't pull out into traffic because Uncle Roy did. There were times on the trip when any one of us could have killed the other one, but it was a bonding experience that can never be replaced. Since that time Trint has really had very little presence at the roost. He has lived in Florida or out west pursuing other interests. You can expect to see him more around the Roost in the near future.



Sorry four wheelers, check out KOA or RV World.
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