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Not sure what you're getting into with a lot of campgrounds?  Well, just check out these aerial shots of the ROOST!

Aerial Photography by AMERICAN IMAGES,  Marshfield, WI

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Prefer covered sleeping!  We have individual Cabins or our three room Condo Cabin.  All are situated right alongside Elk Creek next to the rapids.  Sleep to the soothing sounds of the waterfalls!  

We furnish all linens, blankets, and pillows.  

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Level Grassy tent sites.  All are right along the river with plenty of shade.  No rocks or sand to deal with at the ROOST! 

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Keeping cool ain't ever a problem at the ROOST.  Check out our big ole country swimming hole!  Lay out in the shallows, get in a good swim, or just lounge in one of our natural 'cold water Jacuzzi'.  Guaranteed to cool ya down even on the hottest days!

 Swim at your own Risk! No lifeguards provided.

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First rate facilities.  No Navy style Heads here.  Each 'throne' is private and stocked with all necessary paper products, including reading material.   The showers are equipped with a private dressing room. The only time you will shower with another neked human is when ya want to!! 

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Our spacious game room is equipped with two pool tables, dart board, and music.  Request a CD from our collection, or bring yer own and we'll play it for ya.  

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From Biker Weddings to Chat room meetings or just a small group of friends, 
the ROOST can accommodate up to several hundred.  
Let us help with your next group gathering.  
Contact us for more details.

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No scrounging for firewood at the ROOST!  We have plenty already cut and stacked.  
Clyde hand cuts, splits,  and stacks (in his own special way) our wood and would appreciate it if ya bought several loads to strap onto the bike and take home with ya!! He needs the money.

In fact, we have almost anything the traveling biker would need but can't possibly carry.  If ya don't see it, ask for it, we probably have it.


You can see a lot more of  the ROOST grounds and facilities by checking out our Photo Pages.