Bruce News!

The 2011 Riding Season is officially here.  I have kicked off this season in the proper manner by getting the bike out of winter storage at Trint’s house and riding the back roads to Tupelo, MS then onto Atlanta, and home.  Rode very chilly on all three legs to NC, but managed to miss all of the rain!!  Followed this up with a ride to Norfolk, VA in gorgeous weather.  Will be leaving Norfolk today (Friday 4/8) and planning to stretch the ride back to the Roost into a two day, 700 mile event.

Planning on taking every job trip this year on the Bike.  Can’t seem to get any riding in any other way AND gas prices pretty much prohibit a lot of joy riding (THANK YOU U.S. GOVT.!!) SO I might as well get paid to ride!!

Now that I know how to access this ‘blog’, I fully intend to check in much more often.

Get out there and Ride!! Check out the new and improved Roost.  Dave and Pam have worked tirelessly during the off season to enlarge the store, add lockers, and general repairs!! Dave even mowed the entire campground using the push mower (the riding mower having taken a shit on the first outing!!).  It may be good exercise, but it isn’t something one would want to do on a regular basis, not if you have ANYTHING else to do!!

Later. BC

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